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Instruction ExpertFlyer route cruncher

ExpertFlyer is a (paid) tool on the Internet. It can be used to find all kind information related to airline ticket. You can search for (the number of) available seats in each bookingclass on a specific airline/route. Another important feature of ExpertFlyer is the option to show the routing rules of each fare.


The route information can be used for different purposes. From a frequent flyer/travel hacker perspective, this information is valuable to see what routings are available. Based on the routings available its possible to calculate which route earns the most in either Flying Blue Experience Points or frequent flyer milse.

Note: The number of miles displayed is the total great circle distance between all city-pairs within the route. The number is not related to the amount of miles you will earn in a certain frequent flyer program.

Step 2: Navigate to Fare Information

Step 1: Use your ExpertFlyer credentials to login on the website.

Step 2: Navigate to "Fare Information on the menu on the left navigation bar.

Step 3: Enter your search query

Step 3: Fill in the departing airport, arriving airport and the date you would like to fly on. You can also complete the order fields, but the mentioned fields are the mandatory ones.

Step 4: Click on the "route" icon in search results

Step 4: The search results based on your search query are displayed on the screen. Each line represents a fare option with its specific routing rules. To see the routing rules, click on the icon.

Step 5: Check to the selected fare

Step 5: Check to see if routing information is available for the fare you selected. The screen should look like the image on the left. Sometimes this information is missing, in that cases there is only a maximal permitted mileage(MPM) given. When this is the case you can route through (almost) all the airports in the route network of the carrier (and its partners), as long as the total flight distance stays within the MPM.

Step 6: Select the route information and copy

Step 6: Select the route information with your mouse and press Control + C (copy to clipboard) on your keyboard. Be sure to copy only the information as displayed in the image.

Step 7: Paste the information in the ExpertFlyer Cruncher

Step 7: Paste the date you just copied to the clipboard in the input box on this website. Select on top of the page if you want to optimize the route for either XP (Experience Points) or distance (miles). When you have done this click on the Calculate button to display the amount of XP/Distance for each possible route.